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About Us

We at Vayu Academy believe in having a good time while teaching and learning. We do what we love, and we do love what we do.

Our Love includes: Aviation, Learning, Teaching.


Our Motto: Crafting Careers.

And we are confident of making your dreams come true.


How did we start.   While preparing for the ATPL exam we realized that there was a real lack of genuine websites which provided assistance for a 360 deg preparation. Most of the sites merely provided a question bank which were not supplemented with hints for understanding and tips for memorizing the answers. Contact classes were held only in metropolitan cities which was again a problem. Moreover, after the classes, during the crucial period of preparation, students had no guidance or mentoring available to them. ATPL books were available but they were costly, bulky and heavy to be carried along. Students could not carry them all the time. Hence, an IDEA was born for developing a website which would be available to a student anytime anywhere - at a touch; with hints, explanation and tips. A website that will provide complete solution to all the requirements of a student.


Our mission.   Is to provide overall online guidance to students for complete theoretical understanding and most importantly tips for remembering the answers. We understand their requirements and we promise to be with students till the last moment before they enter the examination hall.


Who are 'We'.   We are a team of qualified professionals with more than two decades of experience in the aviation domain including teaching, aviation safety and guidance. Our packages have been specially crafted so as to maximize student learning with the sole aim of cracking the licensing exams. We value your time and we will certainly endeavor to make your experience worth remembering by providing constant grooming, counseling and overall development with our packages, website links and aviation related stories.


Courses and programs from the Vayu Academy are delivered online at Our team of professionals would be ever available to you for any further support that you may seek.


Sonal Goyal

Chief Executive Officer
Vayu Academy